Our vision

événementiel côté d'azur

Our Vision

Create unique experiences based on win-win coalition of live and digital.

organisation de séminaires

Emotion and meetings creators

We build unique and original events.  Our job: coordinate the event and create a link between a brand, a company or an institution and its public, whether it is an internal or an external connection.

événement digital

The resonance to enter the history

From live to history, we amplify your events by relaying them. It's not simple. We must be able to touch both our audiences emotionally but also generate buzz on the blogosphere, posts on social media, and provide feedback to traditional media. That is why we innovate by systematically associating the digital with our events creations: Internet, social media, contents …

Agence événementielle


Through the story we tell them, we make people proud of their business, brand or community.

Organisation de défilés

The trend to reach the target

To make events in the spirit of times, we have set up a monitoring system to track the new trends. We are inspired by a world in motion. We draw our inspiration from fashion, culture and new technologies. Our dream masters are the poets of tomorrow: artists, designers, musicians, fashion designers, bloggers, chefs …